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Sticking it to the Man

Jul. 15th, 2009 | 02:03 pm

I just lowered my personal cell phone package by $20 a month since I rarely use it.  Take that, AT&T!  I just saved $240/annually.  Shazam!  That's twice what I just spent on a skirt-buying binge?

Also, I have to say that I do not miss having cable.  Even 2 Netflix at a time is an uphill battle for me.

Speaking of:
Small Town Gay Bar - not the happiest movie on earth?  I don't know why I thought this would be super fun but instead it was depressing and I wanted to go pick them all up and drive them to NYC.  Especially the dyke spoilerCollapse )And the "Fuckin Savage" guy with the switchblade.  Wow.  To live life with that basic survival instinct (and have it be founded) is truly mindblowing.  I also watched the intro with Kevin "Chasing Amy" Smith which was exactly what you're thinking it would probably be like.  (Useless.)  But he did fund the documentary!

And I finally saw Venus Boyz.  Wow, that was a long time coming.  I only vaguely remembered seeing the Back Door Boys (over and over again), although I know I've seen some of the others.  But seeing it made me think a lot about presenation and body space.  Every once in a while I try to walk around like I think guys walk about and it's interesting to see how your body language shifts.

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My Living Room, My Old Stuff, My New Stuff, My Lunch

Jun. 25th, 2009 | 05:47 pm

I really wish the changes in my apartment would just be over and done with at this point. I am moving along down the Naugahyde path for my couch slipcovers and kitchen chair pads. I think this was the best choice for the couch since it spares me throwing it out and lets me update it. But I am still existing with a couch I can't really sit on (it's foam with a sheet over it). The cool part is the seamstress has stopped by a DWR to look at Knoll seat pads to make sure she's doing good knock-offs and seems pretty ramped on the idea of doing it well. I think the price of doing it this way, and keeping the bulk of material objects in my possession, is going to be just about as much as a new (vintage Naug) couch would have been -- and I get the Knoll/Bertoia seat pads thrown in to boot!

After the couch is solved, I'll just need to get the front/living room repainted. It's been this bright bright Moroccan blue forever (probably 5-7 years?) and I just can't deal with it anymore. I'd like to go a grayish green, something a little more muted and not, oh, retina-scarring?

In other stuff news, I have figured out some stuff to get rid of, which I listed here, if you want any of them!

And then new stuff I bought, at H&M of all places. Thankfully most of the store made me want to hurl.

Today I really wanted a sandwich for lunch. I really wanted a baked miso-marinated tofu sandwich but I didn't make the baked tofu so instead I got pb and apple butter, which was also good.  Also, I've just realized my food co-op has Nairn's oat biscuits, which I like.  However, they've finally answered my product request in the binder and said I will never have my Ricemilk Choco Bars back because it's a distributor issue.  Our distributor doesn't carry them anymore although the co-op person responsible for ordering them said they also thought they were, "excellent".  Excellent.  Farewell, Terra Nostra Ricemilk Choco, especially with almonds.  *le petit sigh *

lunch 06-25-09
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Jun. 24th, 2009 | 06:56 pm

I think if I could wear 1 outfit every day, this would be it:

In other news, this is what my lunch looked like today:

Jarred Lunch 06-24-09

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Things That Would Be Veganized if God Really Loved Me

Jun. 23rd, 2009 | 03:34 pm

That is a marshmallow with chocolate coating being held by a tween clown!


That is a delicious wafer covered in chocolate and other-who-cares-paste encased in candy hippo.  CANDY HIPPO.  You can see it being methodically eaten here.  It is truly fascinating.


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Stuff stuff, Food stuff, Head stuff, Work stuff

Jun. 3rd, 2009 | 12:54 pm

I have been trying to catalog what stuff I get to bring in my apartment and what leaves my apt because it's unwanted in this blog.  It's hard to remember to do so because - man, we get stuff all the time, don't we?  Along with that, I've been trying to put clothing items that were not in rotation back in rotation or show them the door. 

I've also been trying not to let my groceries go bad before I can do something with them.  This week I lost some celery, a cucumber and a banana.  That's not too bad.  At least it'll go to compost.  I made roast broccoli and was able to do a miso-marinade baked tofu with the tofu about to turn.  I don't know why I have shied about from marinading stuff before as it's so easy!  (My guess is it took foresight.)  But I have a big jar of miso in my fridge so I think this should become a regular dish.  (Cheap n' easy!)  I included it as part of my lunch today, which is pretty piecemeal:

posted here

But it's delicious.  <3 Miso <3

I have been totally down on certain people lately but I do realize (rilly and truly) that it has everything to do with me. 

I wish it was a voluntary effort to dislike people and spew venom about them but it's a knee-jerk reaction that occurs without needing to employ thought.  And yet, afterward I am spent and riddled with doubts and more anger and embarrassment.  I would like this to change, please.  We all know I'm not a pollyanna but for my own selfish sake, Frith, let me like people who are really not doing anything wrong even though I think they are just by living.  Let me have more important things to worry about than my imagined things-they-have-the-time-to-do-but-I-can't.  Peace out, Frith.  Peace.  Out.  

I have a lot of work to do today.  P.U.  Smell ya later.

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What I Shelled Out for This Weekend

Jun. 1st, 2009 | 11:57 am

On my walk from Herald Square (hell) westward I ran into 2 of my morning phenomenon:

1.  Half-block long sample sale line.  Annoying in that it blocks off half the sidewalk and you don't see it's there until you're right up on top of the herd.  Satisfying in that you're not them and never shall you wait for Tory Burch seasonal leftovers with bated breath.  I have yet to capitalize on the fact that the sample sales are in a .5-10 block radius of my office.  The only interesting one I saw advertised was the Delforte organic denim and I foolishly let that one pass me by.

2.  The "Learn English" school smokers.  They break as I come to work (tardy) nearly every day.  At first I thought a satellite FIT class was in the area, as most were well-turned or at least only well-shod.  It took me a little while to realize they were all coming from the sparsely-signed "Learn English" modern-facade school.  Almost everyone is thin, 20 and smokes.  Pros:  people-watching, especially for clothes.  Con:  stenchy smokers wafting their sticky smoke-smell towards the rest of us.

This weekend was good, and I have a lot to update on my input/output of material items blog, ferr shurr.  I have been keeping a "to-buy" list in my Blackberry notes for the items I would like for my apartment so I have been following that pretty closely when I see a stoop sale or venture towards a flea or a 'tacular.  This is so I can keep focus when I am tempted by kitchshy donkey planters, baby lamp ceramic lamps and Flintstones '70s playsets.  I went to the Caroll Gardens flea market with vintage chairs in mind.  

A molded plastic side chair was #1 on my list of apt-items and I noticed there would be 2 vintage vendors at the flea.

So -this item was knocked down $125 from the price on the blog and I liked that it wasn't the same Eames that everyone and their brother has.  (Which I also like but I felt like such a biter.)  I wasn't looking for a rocker but I do like them and the cats will just need to learn where and where not to put their tails. 

I am so excited about this chair.  I seriously love it. However, I cannot get another piece of iconic furniture now as I have black Bertoia side chairs and an Eames rocker.  If I have one more ubiquitous-design chair in my apartment, it's going to be an Apartment Therapy nightmare.  (The Bertoias came at such a reasonable price and I paid very little for their repair thanks to a local contractor shop that they were basically a steal and came in at under $100/chair.)

I also got 2 bait cages/hermit crab cages to repurpose as plant protectors (my omnivorous cats!):

I was pretty excited about those - $4 total for both the ones I found (1 large black-rimmed at the flea and one small white/blue one at a stoop sale).  The only drawback was the conversation I had to have about it with random fishing-dudes who heard a siren-call, thinking they had spotted the elusive loves-to-fish ladygal.  I ended a conversation with, "I understand that's what it was made for but I will be using this for peace because I don't like to kill things.  PLANTS WILL BE IN HERE."  With emphatic gestures and final line. 

Then I got this exact manual hand mixer for $12.  I'd just read a few recipes (in my god-forbid-I-throw-away-magazines-without-pulling-out-every-recipe flurry) that called for a mixer and I don't have one and I don't want a honking mixer appliance, either.  I don't currently cook that well or that often and that's just misleading.  So!  When I saw this mixer I though lo!  I shall be eco-conscious, experimental, space-saving and it's cute to look at.  No Kitchen Aid on my counter, promising things I cannot deliver.  And I didn't even remember such a thing existed.  After I got it home and was basking in my self-congratulatory glory about how unconventional and resourceful I was, I seemed to recall that my immersion blender had a mixer attachment, at which I scoffed "Like I'll ever use that!" upon discovering it in the box.  I haven't gotten the nerve to validate that memory quite yet.

I also scored, for free, two little unfinished wood slatted plant stands.  (They fold up, too!  How urban!)  So those are going in my hallway to prop up the Oneida-scarred prayer plant that's living out its days in exile.  Oh, and also, for free, I got a new cute-patterned oven mitt from a stoop sale free box. 

Then, essentially for free (as I had $130 credit at Beacon's Closet), I got 3 shirt or shirt-type pieces at BC.  One of which I'm wearing today. 

That was my Saturday.  A lot of carrying things.  And bagels with Earth Balance and a Naidre's West Coast sandwich and lemonade.  My Sunday was composting and girlie day at the boat house/park and co-op shopping, pb cookies and lemonade from 2nd Helpings (S really sparked that lemonade fire in me) and tea at Red Horse.  My nights were falling asleep on the boyfriend, who is going away for 2 weeks and I don't know how I'll possibly manage, ever.  Who will I fall asleep on?  Booo. 

I found this when looking for hermit crab cage pictures! 

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'Roid Rage: Goal-Oriented

May. 29th, 2009 | 06:31 pm

Ahhhh Friday.  I feel like this has been the week from hell, even though it wasn't really that bad.

This was my lunch for today:
...which isn't all that detailed but it beat...

...half a baguette, a container of avocado and Dr Cow nut cheese.

Well, maybe they were equally as good.  I do love bread, avocado and Dr Cow.

Last night, after reading a magazine article about how to accomplish your goals step by step (one of my corny pleasures is a subscription to Martha's Body + Soul magazine** since that only makes me want to buy vegetables and do yoga instead of purchase 100 studded clutches and lucite 6" heels) and I wrote out all my goals and not one of them (except to clip my cats' claws and brush them more often) was animal-related.  I was so proud of myself!  However, there were, of course 50 of them and I have 0 time as it is.  

If I had to pick a Top 5, they would be:

1. learn Spanish
2. get better at family
3. buy a clue when it comes to geography (I am convinced I'm xenophobic)
4. become a Master Composter
5. invite people over for dinner/tea more often
6. (I lied!) maximize NYC and NY-area sites and events

There were about 50 more that involved mediation, yoga, cardio, legally shutting down my old nfp, learning how to cook better, etc.  The article essentially used the Kellogg Logic Model but clearly did not think about people having more than 1 goal so if I worked that way I'd have to incorporate literally hours of goal-oriented-activities DAILY which would likely please me to no neurotic end if I actually had the time. I am going to start hosting bi-lingual dinner/teas where we talk about geography just to knock off a few of those at once. 

** I will hand it to ol' B+S as they did have an entire section on "CSA recipes" -- what to do with those "weird" veggies you get at the farmer's market or CSA.  I thought that was pretty clever of them and I would like an encore. 

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Sartoria Vico

May. 28th, 2009 | 06:40 pm

I am in love with the prints, collars and bikinis here.  djf;ajdf

Sartoria Vico

Cut everything wtf jpgs?Collapse )



I am more in love with them when I don't look at the pricing, much the same as anything designed well.


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Recall: Nutro Dry Cat Food

May. 28th, 2009 | 02:44 pm


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Coffee, Books and Accidental Facial Temporary Tattoo

May. 28th, 2009 | 01:12 pm

Today I had to buy my own coffee, which was bittersweet.  All this week I have been french-pressing it and bringing my lunch.  Today I had to buy it (and my lunch) but it was delicious and it was also nice to see everyone.  I got to confirm with B that the new local restaurant he's opening will indeed have some vegan options.  I am excited for this place because it's 2 blocks from my apt and will have a lot of local produce.  Now that I've sworn off the TaqDF, this is a welcome addition.  Anyway, I don't know if it's because I suck at coffee-making or that the PSFC just doesn't sell coffee that tastes as good as the Intelligensia that my local coffee shop carries.  

I am wondering if I should also have a Brooklyn Public Library card in addition to my NYPL card.  You can use BPL cards at the NYPL with additional ID.  But I don't know if that works in reverse and I usually get my books in Manhattan post-work anyway.

For the nth time I have requested Rats: Obvs on Hist & Habits of City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants (Robert Sullivan) from the library. 

Also requested:

The Chosen (Posner) - recommended by my friend A
Leaving a Doll's House (Bloom) - only because I saw her in Brideshead Revisited
Road Ecology:  Science and Solutions - it's about roads/transport and ecology

Right now I'm reading a book my mother handed off to me, When You Are Engulfed in Flames (D.Sedaris).  Usually I cannot stand Sedaris.  There is something over-reaching about some of it and then the other parts are too abstract.  Maybe I cannot stand him because I would really like 25% of his writing and then it would just dissolve into a puddle of abstractions instead of going the way I thought it'd go.  So far it's been more enjoyable than his other books I've taken a crack at reading.

Also today - I wrote on my face by accident.

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